IFS food version 8 becomes mandatory from July 2023.


Just two years after the release of IFS Food version 7, IFS Management is preparing a new version 8, which is in its final phase.

IFS food version 8 becomes mandatory from July 2023.

IFS Management cites adaptation to the new Codex Alimentarius and ISO 22003-2 as the main reasons for its revision.

The proposal of the new version 8 includes merging existing documents and simplifying the application of the standard itself.

Some of the examples include: Revision of the existing grading system specifically for grade B will be changed. Which means that B is a deviation and means almost complete compliance, and will make the necessary corrections and corrective actions.

K.O. points can only be graded with A, B, or D (=K.O). Number of points for B grade K.O. criteria will be 0.

The focus on the product and approach to the process will be further strengthened, with the aim that the traces during the audit can be more clearly followed and monitored. The existing checklist was revised for the purpose of accuracy and consistency of information. Furthermore, the new version aims to simplify the filling of mandatory data, which is mostly prescribed by the GFSI, this would certainly save time during the audit and technical review.

Another important document of the IFS doctrine is also covered by changes, which will be condensed and simplified due to the introduction of new software.

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