The food safety management systems ISO 22000:2005 is a priority for all organizations that produce, process, package, store or deliver food. The new version of the standard from 2018 was released on 19 June 2018, which puts the old standard ISO 22000:2005 out of use. The purpose of the new standard ISO 22000:2018 is to harmonize the requirements for food safety management globally. The new standard contributes to ensuring food safety through the entire supply chain from the fields to the table. The standard does not specify specific criteria for food safety efficiency, nor does it specify the design of a management system.

Transition to the new standard - Transition from ISO 22000:2005 to ISO 22000:2018 The transition to the new standard can be performed during a recertification or supervision audit. The new standard contains new and expanded requirements that must be addressed during the audit. It is an official requirement to all certification bodies and is imposed by DAkkS Accredited Bodies. Once the transition to the new standard has been made, subsequent audits will be conducted at no additional cost. Transition period If your organization currently has an ISO 22000: 2005 accredited certificate, the deadline for transition to the new ISO 22000:2018 standard is 18.06.2021. The transition to the new ISO 22000:2018 standard can be performed on regular recertification or supervision of your food safety management system. How can we help? We offer training courses to help you understand the requirements of ISO 22000: 2018. At your request, we can provide an analysis of the shortcomings that can be exploited to highlight the changes that will need to be made during the transition from ISO 22000:2005 certification to ISO 22000:2018. Contact us to learn more about the transition to ISO 22000:2018.