TÜV NORD has own peculiarities, which we love to publish them.

As certification and inspection body, TÜV NORD’s intention is to be recognized and accepted how reliable and credible business partner. TÜV NORD 's purpose and task in every one it's time to them we fulfill the requirements on customers and constantly yes them follows and yes them considers the wishes on the customers who no everything explicitly expressed.

TÜV NORD them respects all mandatory legal and others regulations for the animal environment who everything relate on the animal environment . Through this , as well as with own consciousness on everyone employee , TÜV NORD works on protection on the animal environment , including prevention on pollution on the animal environment . TÜV NORD continuously improves it the system for management with the animal environment and strives con improvement on performance on the animal environment .

Foundation for activities for assessment , certification , inspection and supervision everything relevant directives , laws and regulations , national and international standards and internal standards of TÜV NORD.

TÜV NORD 's motto is “BETTER. CLOSER. MORE.''  and strives yes it translate in new ones values , with what will let's contribute con continuously improvement on the comprehensive activities directed con customers , employees and external parties _ partners .


Yes everything be better from the competition , and TÜV NORD 's experts , experience and knowledge everything guarantee


Yes everything be closer to customers and innovation


More services everything basis on the evelopment of TÜV NORD, yes im provide on customers complete service on one place . TÜV NORD strives not only to control , but also to participates in the development , as in small , medium as well as in big organizations and projects .

On this one way , TÜV NORD the most contribute in the development on ours environment , customers with who I cooperate , as well as potential ones customers , con who we have unique and non-discriminatory access , and on satisfaction on all interested sides.

The administration and everyone employees at TÜV NORD everything responsible yes everything adhere to con the rules on system of on management and through their work and initiative provide continuously improvement on the business ones processes.

Statement for impartiality , confidentiality and avoidance collision on interests

The basic ones principles what them applies TÜV NORD in his own scope for yes im gave trust on all interested sides in his services everything impartiality , competence , responsibility , openness , reliability and response on complaints . For yes everything provide independence , impartiality and honesty of TÜV NORD with their own employees , in nobody case no everything deals with :

  • Design , production , supply , installation , use or maintenance on the subject on certification or inspection
  • Advisory services what enable solving on questions who everything obstacles for getting on certificate.
  • Neither one another service what can yes her threatened reliability , objectivity or impartiality in the process on certification or inspection.

Impartiality is proof that all processes and solutions in the process on certification and inspection no everything forced or under influence on neither one interested side , how the client , so neither the auditor , the inspector , the employees at TÜV NORD or members on The council for certification.

Impartiality is one from the most important evidence for credibility on the process and the certificates what them issued by TÜV NORD.

TÜV NORD there is established , through the documentation on the system for management with quality , as well as the documentation for the processes on certification and inspection , the possibility for potential collision on interests , and way on who acts in case on conflict on interests or bias .

The identification , the analysis as well as measures what TÜV NORD I plan yes them take over in case on potential collision on interests everything defined with the documented procedure – management with impartiality.

How potential influences upon the impartiality of TÜV NORD recognizes the following:

  • Influences who arise from financial reasons on individuals , certification or inspection body
  • Influences how result on giving advisory services on persons turned on in the process on certification
  • Influences how result on trust instead on objective evidence
  • Influences how result on threats

For all these elements TÜV NORD very leads account through ours everyday activities , with what on he way provides objectivity on the process on certification and inspection.