Technical inspection

Metal vessels and pipelines, lifting equipment, elevators in residential buildings, freight elevators, mobile work platforms, wheelchairs, load-bearing devices, wind generators, photovoltaics and solar panels, wood pellet stoves etc. are subject to technical inspection.

The body for control and supervision of technical inspection and performs initial, periodic and extraordinary inspections, checks and tests, registration of facilities and issuance of audit books and acts.

Our services in this domain are the following:

Technical inspection for welding and pressure vessels

  • ISO 3834 - Welding quality management system
  • EN 1090 - Certification for fabrication of and assembly of steel and aluminium structures
  • PED-2014/68/EU; PED 97/23/EC, 99/36/EC, 2010/35/EU, 87/404/EEC or 2009/05/EC -
    Conformity of pressure equipment and vessels
  • Certification according to the German standard AD 2000 HP0 and W0 for manufacturers of
    pressure vessels and materials
  • ISO 15614 and ISO 15613 - Approval of welding procedures
  • EN 15085 - Welding of railway vehicles and their components
  • Approval of welding procedures according to EN 13134, and approval of personnel
    brazers according to EN 13133.
  • Portable pressure equipment and fixed pressure equipment
  • Certification and verification of wood pellet stoves and fireplaces EN 303-5: 2012
  • CE Mark

Certificates according to EN 1090, EN 15085 and AD 2000 HP0 are issued under German accreditation by TÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and are registered in the relevant Online Registers -, and VdTÜV Merkblatt 1165.

Complaints and appeals regarding authorization or certificate misuse are sent to or

Technical inspection of energy companies, oil companies and gas companies


Technical inspection of children's playgrounds

  • EN 1176-1: 2008 Technical inspection of playground equipment and surfacing