Once and today

For yes everything prevent explosions on pairs boilers, 150 years ago in Germany how independent organization it was established the former DÜV.

With the development on technology and for the sake of the increased ones claims on market , DÜV started yes them takes over things on technically review , control , examination , technical expertise , and in the middle in the 1930s change his own name at TÜV.

With long-standing work , reputation and tradition , TÜV has become a synonym for quality.
The services of the TÜV they use no only the big ones companies and plants , but also small ones – the TÜV GS mark , which between the other can yes everything found on microwaves ovens , computers or roller skates , is proof that TÜV is ubiquitous brand where households and everyone there is trust in the expertise what her appoint three letters "T Ü V" – consulting , assessment , examination , training , certification.

TÜV NORD GROÜP is established in 2005 _ from side on the association of TÜV NORD eV , RWTÜV eV and TÜV Hannover / Sachsen - Anhalt eV ., in property on Federal Republic Germany and the German association for industry.

Today , TÜV NORD GROÜP is hiring more of 15,000 employees and co their own offices we are present in over 80 countries through the whole world , so what freely we can yes we say that on ours clients we are available on which either place in the world where what them carry theirs business activities.

TÜV NORD GRÜP is accredited with more of 120 national and international accreditations and possesses network with more of 1200 experienced experts . With annual turnover from over 1 billion euros , with certainty we can yes we say that TÜV NORD is recognized how one from the leading ones worldwide companies in his own scope.
T-CERT SYSTEM DOOEL Skopje was founded in 2010, and cooperation with TUV NORD began in 2015.

T-CERT with his own action her covers the territory on Macedonia . The headquarters on the company is in Skopje, but everything we strive yes we cover what is possible more areas , such as would were what is possible closer to the users on ours services and how and what faster in the realization on the services.

In cooperation with the parent company TÜV NORD GROÜP, our company offers the biggest part from the services from scope of TÜV NORD, mainly with experts approved by TÜV NORD with all powers of TÜV NORD. Everything of course , the whole TÜV NORD GROÜP infrastructure is available in every one time , so what in the realization everything keep the high level on quality on the service defined on level on group.
The continuous increase on the number on employees , species services what them we offer as well as the realization , is proof that numerous companies it they admitted quality from TÜV NORD.

With his own wide spectrum on services , recognition on the market , possession on the necessary ones accreditations and authorizations , constantly attendance and work on the market , performed things and new ones contracts , the expressed communication and competence on the staff , created sure basis for improvement on the job of TUV NORD in Macedonia and all hers clients who it they have recognized that to now!

Everything we hope that in future will her let's justify reputation and tradition of TÜV NORD, and that and of this one space , more companies will her see the advantage yes be turned on in big family on companies with recognizable mark for quality – checked – certified by TÜV NORD.