T-CERT SYSTEM DOOEL Skopje, as an authorized representative of the TÜV NORD GROUP respecting the principles and postulates of its parent company, has its own characteristics, which we would like to share.

As a certification and inspection body, we strive to be recognized and accepted as a reliable and credible business partner. Our goal and task at all times are to meet the requirements of our clients and to constantly monitor and consider the wishes of our customers that are not explicitly expressed.

In our business activities, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection. Based on this, as well as on the own environmental awareness of each employee, we are committed to environmental protection, including the prevention of environmental pollution. In our business activities, we constantly improve our environmental management system and strive to improve environmental performance.

Our assessment, certification, inspection and supervision activities are based on relevant directives, laws and regulations, national and international standards, and internal company standards.

Our motto is "BETTER. CLOSER. MORE". We want to translate it into new values, which will contribute to the continuous improvement of our overall activities aimed at our clients, our employees and external partners.


To be better than the competition, with our experts, experience and knowledge being a guarantee of success


To be closer to clients and innovation


"More services" is the basis of our development, to provide our clients all services they need in one place. We do not wish to perform control activities only, but we also wish to participate in the development of businesses and projects, starting from small, to medium and large enterprises.

In this way, we contribute the most to the development of our environment, the clients we work with, as well as potential clients, at all times applying our unique and non-discriminatory approach, to the satisfaction of all involved parties.

Our company's management and all employees are responsible to adhere to the rules of our management system and through their work and initiative ensure continuous improvement of business processes.

Declaration on impartiality, confidentiality and absence of conflict of interests

The basic principles that TÜV NORD applies in its business activities to gain the confidence of all interested parties in its services are impartiality, competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality and complaint management. In order to ensure independence, impartiality and honesty, TÜV NORD and its employees never undertake any activities related to:

  • Design, manufacture, supply, installation, use or maintenance of the subject of certification or inspection.
  • Advisory services that enable the resolution of issues that are obstacles to obtaining a certificate.
  • No other service that may jeopardize the confidentiality, objectivity or impartiality of the certification or inspection process.

Impartiality is proof that all processes and solutions in the certification and inspection process are not forced or influenced by any interested party, such as any client, auditor, inspector, TÜV NORD employees or members of the Certification Board.

Impartiality is one of the most important proofs of the credibility of the process and the certificates we issue.

TÜV NORD has envisaged in the documents related to its quality management system, as well as the documents related to its certification and inspection processes, the possibility of a potential conflict of interest, and the measures to be undertaken in case of conflict of interest or bias.

Identification, analysis and measures that we undertake in the event of a potential conflict of interest are defined in the documented procedure - Management of Impartiality.

The influences that may negatively impact the impartiality of services include the following:

  • Influences arising from financial reasons of individuals, certification or inspection bodies
  • Influences resulting from the provision of advisory services to persons involved in the certification process
  • Influences resulting from trust rather than objective evidence
  • Influences resulting from threats.

We take great care of all these elements in our daily activities, thus ensuring the objectivity of the certification and inspection process.

Skopje, Macedonia, 01.01.2016.

Manager, Aleksandar Ivanovski, MSca. BA.

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