TÜV NORD Group offers over 500 different types of services and continues to increase their number every year. TUV is accredited with more than 120 national and international accreditations and has an international network of more than 1,200 experienced experts.

T-CERT SYSTEM offers most of the services within the scope of work of TÜV NORD, mainly performed by our experts duly authorized by TÜV. Certainly, the entire infrastructure of TÜV NORD GROÜP is available at all times, ensuring that our performance maintains the high level of service quality defined at the group level.

Our activities can be basically divided into the following groups:
• System certification
• Technical inspection
• Product certification
• Seminars

You will find descriptions of each of these groups in the following sections, along with a list of activities.
TÜV NORD introduced a documented procedure, "Complaints and Appeals Management" as we are continually focused on keeping our customers and the wider community satisfied with our services.
If you need any service that is not included on our list, feel free to contact us and we will find a solution for you, in cooperation with TÜV NORD.

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