DÜV was established 150 years ago in Germany as an independent organization committed to guarantee the safety of steam boilers and prevent their explosion.

Due to technology development and ever-increasing market demands, DÜV began to undertake the tasks of technical inspection, control, testing, technical expertise, and in the mid-1930s changed its name to ТÜV.

Its successful operation, reputation and long tradition have led TÜV to become a synonym for quality.
TÜV provides its services not only to large companies and plants but also to small businesses - the TÜV GS mark, which, among others, can be found on microwave ovens, computers or rollers, is proof that TÜV is a ubiquitous brand in households worldwide and that clients trust the expertise denoted by the three letters "TÜV" - advice, appraisal, testing, training, certification.

TÜV NORD GROÜP was established in 2005 by the Association of TÜV NORD e.V, RWTÜV e.V and TÜV Hannover/Sachsen -Anhalt e.V., owned by the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Industry Association.

Today, TÜV NORD GROÜP employs more than 15,000 people and is present with its offices in over 80 countries around the world. We can freely say that we are available to our clients anywhere in the world where they carry out their business activities.

TÜV NORD GROÜP is accredited with more than 120 national and international accreditations and has a network of more than 1200 experienced experts. With an annual turnover of over 1 billion euros, we can say with certainty that TÜV NORD is recognized as one of the world's leading companies in its field of work.
T-CERT SYSTEM DOOEL Skopje was established in 2010, and its cooperation with TUV NORD began in 2015.

The business activities of T-CERT cover the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Our company is headquartered in Skopje, however we strive to cover as many areas as possible so that we could be close to the users of our services and quickly respond to any request for our services.

In cooperation with the parent company TÜV NORD GROÜP, our company offers most of the services within the scope of work of TÜV NORD, mainly performed by our experts duly authorized by TÜV. Certainly, the entire infrastructure of TÜV NORD GROÜP is available at all times, ensuring that our performance maintains the high level of service quality defined at the group level.
The continuous increase in the number of employees, the types of services we offer and their successful performance are all proof that numerous companies have recognized our quality.

Our wide range of services, market recognition, possession of the required accreditations and authorizations, constant presence and operation on the market, completed works and new contracts, excellent communication skills and competencies of our staff, all ensure a reliable basis for constant improvement of services of TUV NORD in Macedonia the quality of which has been recognized by all our clients so far.

We hope that in the future we will continue to contribute to the established reputation and tradition of TÜV NORD, and that in this area, an increasing number of companies will experience the benefits of the belonging to the large family of companies with a recognizable quality mark - verified - certified by TÜV NORD.
Our staff, external collaborators, lead auditors, and technical inspectors, authorized by TÜV NORD, are available to meet your demands at any time.


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